ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is today focused on strengthening its product portfolio to meet the aspirations of its customer base with higher dependency on mechanization and technology. We want to achieve technology leadership and play a central role in giving India’s best to the world and bringing the world’s best to India.


As quality is so important to us, we have adopted ISO 9001:2015 Certification in the year 2000 It’s not just the quality of the products we care about; we simplify the processes required for installing and using them too.


We shall achieve this goal by being the preferred solution provider to the needs of our customers, by practicing respectful and ethical business practices, by being the employer of choice within the engineering industry, and by providing superior returns to our investors.


Our Core Values define who we want to be.

These are to be upheld at all times and embedded into the DNA of the organization.

  • Respect for People:
    We will demonstrate dignity and respect for people in all our interactions. We will not tolerate belittling of people, regardless of position, or circumstance.
  • Empowerment:
    People at all levels must be vested with the power and confidence to take decisions concerning their area of work.
  • Transparency:
    People will understand the processes and criteria used to arrive at decisions concerning them.
  • Collaboration:
    We will work with our colleagues with the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect